BioFire's BioSurveillance Program - Flexible, Accurate and Proven Ready




BioFire delivers a fully integrated suite of Biological Agent Identification Systems. Since 1998 we have fielded BioSurveillance products that span the range of operations from the lab to the field, clinical diagnostics to environmental surveillance.



RAZOR® EX System

RAZOR EX Field BioDetection System

Detect BioTerrorism threats anywhere in the field using the hand-portable RAZOR EX. Reliable results for 10 BioThreat agents are available in just 30 minutes.

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FilmArray® System

FilmArray Laboratory BioThreat Detection System

Perform Clinical Diagnostics and Environmental Surveillance with the easy-to-use FilmArray. Only 2 minutes of hands-on time is required to test for dozens of pathogens with the FDA cleared FilmArray.

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JBAIDS® System

JBAIDS ProgramIdentify biological threats using the standard for the US Department of Defense. The proven JBAIDS runs clinical diagnostic and environmental surveillance assays.

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